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Residential Smart devices

Several notable types of smart devices are smartphones, smart speakers, smart cars, smart thermostats, smart doorbells, smart locks, smart refrigerators, phablets and tablets, smartwatches, smart bands, smart keychains, smart glasses, and many others.

Residential Smart devices

Used in almost any industry, from smart manufacturing to healthcare, helping to improve efficiency and optimize operations.

Residential Smart Systems Technologies

Smart systems incorporate functions of sensing, actuation, and control in order to describe and analyze a situation, and make decisions based on the available data in a predictive or adaptive manner, thereby performing smart actions. In most cases the “smartness” of the system can be attributed to autonomous operation based on closed loop control, energy efficiency, and networking capabilities.

Residential Smart Systems Components

Sensors for signal acquisition - Elements transmitting the information to the command-and-control unit - Command-and-control units that take decisions and give instructions based on the available information - Components transmitting decisions and instructions - Actuators that perform or trigger the required action

Residential Purposes Robotic Systems and devices

AI's potential impact on our future like Manufacturing robots - Self-driving cars - Smart home assistants - Family Healthcare management Systems - Home security systems - Automated & Smart Home Devices - Automated financial investing - Oxygen & Water level Automatic Detector & Controller - Virtual travel booking agent for family holidays - Social media monitoring for kids and more on.

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