SEFCO the Global Leader in Electric & Telecommunication Supply

Sefco Electric provides range of electrical Products related to industrial, commercial, and residencial.

Suppliers of branded & quality electrical cables, fittings, accessories and very affordable panels, generators, transformers etc.

Perfect Planning

Professional Workers

Quick Processing

Perfect Planning

Enthusiastic team

Locally available stocks in the warehouses.

Sefco Best Solutions For Your Requirements

Supply to Industrial, Commercial & Residencial

Electric equipment, machinery, power goods and other products supply.

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Wide range of services

We proudly provide a wide range of invaluable services to our customers as our large inventory allows us to better serve you; eliminate long lead times for material that you use the most.

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Quotations Services For Selected Brand & Item

We arrange quotations from other brands, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers on your request.

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Storage Solutions & Local Stock Facilities

Keep your goods safe and secure with us, with local market access.

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Fixing & Supporting

We provide you training and all other tools for your fixation and Support on the site

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Smart Systems & Devices

We provide all solutions variety of smart telecom, electric and other solutions for your business & houses.

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